Household Organization: 3 Tips For Preventing Home Theater Wires From Being Messy

Even though you and your family might really enjoy your television and all of your accompanying home theater equipment, one thing that might drive you crazy is dealing with the wires. It can be a pain to untangle wires to plug things in, and all of the wires that run to your equipment can leave a cluttered mess. Luckily, following these tips can help you cut down on the clutter and aggravation while still allowing you to enjoy your home theater equipment.    

1. Swap Out Your Cables

First of all, you should consider swapping out cords and cables whenever possible. This is a good idea for two reasons -- first of all, some cords and cables are simply too long and can encourage a mess, and swapping them out with shorter ones can make it easier for you to keep the clutter under control. Secondly, switching your cords for higher-quality options can help you enjoy better video and sound, which can help you and your family enjoy your home theater system more than ever.

2. Use Twist Ties

Another thing that you should consider is keeping all of the twist ties off of your bread loaves. Then, you can use them to tie your cables together, holding them in place rather than allowing them to twist, tangle and pile up behind your equipment or on the floor. You can also purchase twist ties pretty affordably if you don't buy a lot of bread or if you want to start corralling your cords and cables right away.

3. Consider a Professional Installation

If you have tried the above tips but still can't seem to get your cords and cables under control, or if you would simply like to make sure that you are making the most out of your home theater system, you may want to consider hiring a professional (such as one from Poll Sound) to come in and do an installation for you. Pros can do things like mount your TV on the wall, drill holes through the wall to help hide cords and cables and more, and they can also make sure that you are able to enjoy the best possible sound and video when you and your family are enjoying your home theater.

As you can see, you do not have to deal with the mess that can go along with audio-visual equipment. Instead, give these tips a try to keep the cord clutter under control.